It is the year 2010...

Psychics, people endowed with exceptional ESP abilities, attempt to live peacefully in the world. Nevertheless, they are pursued by governmental authorities for possible military application. The government believes Psychics can replace the world's reliance on nuclear armaments. Psychics are rounded up and subjected to the most inhumane experiments, with many perishing in the tests.

In order to save his remaining comrades and create an utopian society, a lone Psychic named Keith Evans forms NOAH, a rebellious Psychic group to wage war on the human race. Regrettably, Keith's initial utopian ideals are gradually transformed as the world is eventually conquered and ruled by NOAH.

Keith's best friend, Burn had begun to question NOAH's destructive tendencies. He has recruited a band of fellow Psychics opposed to NOAH. On the other hand, the humans have sent their own means of combating these Psychic threats. NOAH's best Psychic warriors have been deployed to mark for death anyone that stands in their way to peace.

With no prescribed plan, Burn challenges Keith head on.
In the name of promoting justice, the two enter a climactic battle.

Master the elements in the aerial Psychic battlefield!

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