This is it... the only tournament worth seeing. The ten best fighters from all over the world have received the honor to assemble and attempt to claim the ultimate title... Martial Champion. The tournament takes them around the world from the tribal lands of Africa, the lush bamboo forests of China, to the rooftops of France and many other unanticipated places. Anonimity is upheld with the highest regard in this tournament. Only the fighters and the first-round sites are revealed. Even the competitors never divulge their practicing locations to keep their skills top-secret.

Some of the competitors are here to defend their reputations while others compete for the prize money. One thing is for sure: they all compete to win.

Leave behind your senses and put up your defenses to join this pugnacious pugilism.

Who will be the next reigning champion?

© 1993 Konami Corporation