The impossible and unthinkable has happened. On a remote island, deep in a subterranean fortress, a terrorist army had seized the underground control complex of a nuclear missile site is amassing weapons for a nuclear strike. Your mission is to penetrate the installation and eliminate their leader before they can launch their missiles.

The job won't be an easy one. The formidable defenses of the underground citadel include powerful tanks, treacherous waterways and narrow bridges -- all in the hands of terrorists. If that isn't bad enough news, your only chance against this weapon is the Heavy Barrel -- locked inside the installation itself.

You have one bit of luck on your side -- the enemies remain unaware of this ultimate weapon's existence. Just before the fortress fell, a clever technician took the gun apart, stashed the pieces in different lockboxes and scattered the keys throughout the fortress. To accomplish your mission, you will need the Heavy Barrel. Once you've battled the way inside, use your keys to open the weapon storage lockers and collect all six parts of this devastating gun.

Brute force alone will not defeat the terrorists. It'll take strategy, reflexes
and resourcefulness. This isn't a job for anyone. That's why you are here.

Unleash the sheer power of the secret superweapon!

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