In an ancient time, a greedy young mage, using the power
of the Rune Stones, released a great evil upon the world.
This demon Skorne, fearing the power of the Rune Stones,
cast them to the far reaches of the four mystical realms,
in hope that they will never again be assembled and used against him.

No one has dared try... until now!

The Warrior's wrath cuts deeper than the mightiest blade.
Beware the fool that crosses the Valkyrie's nerves of steel.
The Archer will not stop until her homeland has been restored.
The heat of the burning sun is no match for the Wizard's ire.

Heroes from the four Realms have been called forth by the wise sage Sumner to bring balance to the corrupted lands. Guide them to locate the 12 Rune Stones and vanquish Skorne for eternity!

Do you have what it takes to become a Legend?

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