Arcane A deadly fog that slaughters low-level enemies.
Divine A brilliant light that temporarily blinds your enemies' eyes.
Divine Recovers your Hit Points; can be used on your partners.
Arcane A fire ball that shoots out and explodes on the ground.
Divine Stops humanoid enemies in their tracks.
Arcane Freezes all enemies with a magic blizzard.
Arcane Makes you invisible, until you make an attack or take some damage.
Arcane An electric discharge that shoots out and pierces enemies.
Arcane Creates inescapable magic arrows that home in on opponents.
Arcane Changes a single enemy into a harmless little animal.
Divine Turns sticks into poisonous snakes that attack the enemy.
Divine Enhances the strength of your weapon; can be used on your partners.
Divine Uses divine miracles to banish the undead to the ground.

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